doctor treating injured patient

Things to Expect When You’re Hurt at Work–Choosing a Doctor

[fusion_dropcap color="var(--awb-custom_color_7)" class="fusion-content-tb-dropcap"]Y[/fusion_dropcap]our employer is supposed to notify you that you have the right to choose a doctor to treat you. If they do tell you that, you can choose a doctor you’ve been to before, or a doctor your family members have been to. If they don’t tell you that it’s your choice, then you can choose any doctor. This is a huge benefit to be able to pick a doctor that you’re comfortable with.

Your employer may not let you know about this valuable right, then you can pick any doctor. Ask your friends, family, or anybody you trust for recommendations.

If your employer does let you know, but you think you don’t have a “usual doctor” make sure you at least discuss it with your family members if they have a doctor that they trust.

If you decline to choose a doctor, your employer will pick one. They will probably send you to a clinic that specializes in work injuries and your employer may even have a deal with that facility. A lot of the time those places are essentially urgent care clinics, so be aware of those treatment limitations going into it. Also even though your employer or the workers’ compensation carrier is paying for the treatment, you are still a patient of that clinic and entitled to all the patient rights you would have at your regular doctor’s office.

What you should expect when you’re hurt at work is prompt medical attention at an appropriate facility and ongoing treatment from a trusted physician. If you have questions as to whether this is happening, you can always discuss this directly with your physician and request a referral if there is an issue.

An experienced workers’ compensation attorney can assist you with choice of doctor issues and help you know your rights.